Our Services

I-9 Audits

Are your employees’ I-9 forms filled out correctly? Is your company following legal hiring practices? Are you prepared for I-9 audits carried out by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security? If you are unsure of whether your company is in compliance, Vanguard HR Solutions will inspect and audit your employee I-9 files to verify employment eligibility and that I-9 forms have been filled out correctly.


Is there a job opening that your company would like to fill, but you do not have the time or manpower to focus on the recruitment process? Vanguard HR Solutions will review candidate applications and resumes and conduct interviews. Candidates will be ranked based on your company’s desired qualifications. A candidate matrix will be created and provided to your company so that you can select the best fit candidate for your organization.


For most employers and employees, the word “discipline” has a negative connotation. However, disciplinary action should not be seen as a punishment but as a means to correct employee behavior and performance issues. What kind of disciplinary program does your company have in place? Is your company’s program effective? Does it deter employees from repeating prohibited behaviors? 

Vanguard HR Solutions will review your company’s current disciplinary program. We will also provide feedback to ensure that your behavior guidelines and performance expectations and the consequences of failing to adhere to those guidelines and expectations are communicated to your employees. If your organization does not have a disciplinary program, we are here to help you establish a program that will give your workforce structure, improve performance, and eliminate employees who are a bad fit or simply nonproductive.

Employee Complaint Investigations

While it is a good practice to investigate all employee complaints, employers are legally obligated to investigate complaints regarding safety concerns, harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. Conducting investigations regarding employee complaints can be challenging. An effective investigation process may be the difference between a legal victory and defeat in the courtroom.

As a disinterested third party, Vanguard HR Solutions can conduct prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations.

Unemployment Claims

(Texas only)- Does your company receive documentation from Texas Workforce Commission that you do not understand? Has TWC requested information regarding a former employee, but you are not sure of how to respond? Has a former or current employee applied for unemployment benefits that your company believes he or she should not be entitled to receive? Did TWC grant a former or current employee unemployment benefits and your company would like to appeal the decision? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, Vanguard HR Solutions is here to assist you. We will answer any questions you may have regarding documents you receive from TWC, provide requested information to TWC on your behalf, and/or serve as your representative during chargeback and separation appeal hearings.

Injury Recording and Reporting

Does your company have workers’ compensation insurance coverage for employee accidents? Anytime there is an accident that results in an injury or illness that requires medical attention or time off from work, the accident should be reported to your company’s workers’ compensation insurance provider. It is important to report accidents promptly to ensure that your employees received proper medical care and that your company is adhering to state-mandated workers’ compensation laws. Even if your company does not have workers’ compensation insurance coverage, you are still required to record and/or report injuries to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. If your company does not have a recording and reporting procedure in place, Vanguard HR solutions will help your company develop a system as well as record and report injuries on your company’s behalf.

HR Management

(Retainer fee required)- As your company grows, your HR needs may change. Vanguard HR Solutions will provide unlimited telephone and email consulting to discuss any HR or employment law issues that your company faces. In addition, your company has the option of monthly onsite or virtual consulting visits. Other advantages include a yearly employee handbook review, free federal and state compliance posters, free HR forms, and a 15% discount on services not included as a part of this service. Selecting this option guarantees that your company will be a top priority and have increased access to Vanguard HR Solutions personnel.

Employee Handbook Development/ Review

Does your company have an employee handbook? If so, when was the last time your company updated the handbook? An employee handbook is a communication tool that provides employees with an overview of a company’s policies and a clear set of expectations. Implementing a handbook will be key to preventing misunderstandings between employees and management. Allow Vanguard HR Solutions to develop an employee handbook customized to fit your organization’s business operation. We will also review your current employee handbook and make suggestions as to how your handbook could be improved.

Policy and Procedure Development/ Review

The purpose of implementing policies and procedures is to create standards and add value to your company. An effective set of policies and procedures is a roadmap for employees to navigate the day-to-day operations of your business. Although a company’s policies and procedures are guidelines for employees, the implementation of these guidelines will improve the company’s customer experience. Contact Vanguard HR Solutions today and allow us to assist your company with developing or updating its policies and procedures.

Exit Interviews

The exit interview is just as important as the job interview. In some aspects, the exit interview is more important. When employees leave your company, you have an opportunity to receive open and honest feedback about their work experience. During this time, exiting employees can give management insight as to how the employee experience can be improved. Use the feedback to avoid losing additional employees. Exiting employees may feel more comfortable discussing their employment experience with a disinterested third party. Vanguard HR Solutions can conduct in-person and virtual exit interviews for your company. We can also provide your company exit interview forms or send/receive exit forms on your company’s behalf.

Reference Checks and Criminal Background Checks

Is your company considering a candidate for a job opening? Does that candidate have an impressive application or resume, but you’d like to gain more insight into the candidate’s work history or characteristics? If your application process requires applicants to list personal and/or work references, Vanguard HR Solutions will contact candidate references to obtain more information about the selected candidate.

In addition to reference checks, Vanguard HR Solutions also conducts pre-employment, criminal background checks. Conducting criminal background checks protects your company’s assets and reputation. Taking this step helps your company mitigate risk while building a team that you can trust.